Propeaq Light Glasses
Propeaq Light GlassesPropeaq Light GlassesPropeaq Light Glasses


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  • Help prevent jet lag
  • Improve performance
  • Improve sleep and increase energy
  • Set your internal clock for shift work

Propeaq Light Glasses

Price: €239.00

Propeaq Light Glasses

PROPEAQ wearable light therapy to prevent jet lag, improve performance & sleep and boost your energy. 


Light therapy is based on decades of scientific research. Blue light immediately affects the brain stimulation and regulation of your sleep/wake-cycle, through the eyes (retina and the optic nerve) to the  biological clock in your brain.

This timing mechanism influences your alertness, concentration, mood and sleep. And is crucial for your health and general wellbeing.

Propeaq light glasses are the future in wearable light therapy and made to regulate and optimize your personal performance and energy in an average of 30 minutes a day. The integrated LED’s in the glasses can be controlled by hand or by Bluetooth via the free Propeaq app.

Wearable, affordable and easy to use. Besides athletes, ideal for shift workers, hard working professionals, frequent flyers and all others who can benefit from extra energy and better sleep. A complete solution for travel and at home. Ideal for you. 

JET LAG - A schedule for every trip

Preventing jet lag begins with a few days’ preparations and a few rules of thumb. It is important to start gradually. Your biological clock it set to thee rising and setting of the sun. You can shift that clack, but only about 90 minutes per day. So, if you need to travel across six time zones before the trip, you will need four days for the time shift. You can do that all four days before the flight, or two days before and two days after. It also makes a difference if you are travelling east or west. The included Propeaq app can help you with the planning. Enter your flight info and the app will tell you when to wear the glasses. You will see exactly when it is necessary to use blue light, or perhaps even filter it with red lenses so you can fall asleep easier . It will also tell you what time to set the alarm for.

By following the simple instructions, you leave with an awake mind and a prepared body.


A dose of blue light at the right moment can overcome fatigue and help with sharper focus. Top athletes benefit greatly from the use of specific light schedule. Athletes understand the importance of training discipline. They know that structure and dedication are requirements to transform their talent into success. It is easy to incorporate Propeaq light glasses into existing schedules and lifestyles; even easier than the light boxes traditionally used.


The concentrated energy from the Propeaq light glasses is important in sports in the following three areas:
1. Reach maximum performance during training and competition
2. Eliminates jet lag for events in different time zones
3. Move the time for peak performance to the desired part of the day.


Blue tints in light influence your rhythm of sleeping and waking, whether that light comes from the sun, a mobile device screen, or lamps. When you get less sleep than you need, this can be caused by blue light at the wrong time. In that case, the solution is simple: light therapy. In the morning, give yourself some extra blue light that will help your body generate more energy. A half hour is usually enough. Before going to sleep, you can filter the blue light, which will decrease your energy. Light therapy is proven and effective way to adjust our wake/sleep cycles. There may also be other reasons for a difficult night’s sleep. If you are not getting the desired results from light therapy, you may need to see a doctor or other medical professional.


  •     Control your energy and biorhythm
  •     Regulate your melatonin and cortisol

Anyone working irregular or night shifts knows the dip: that moment sleep threatens to strike while you are still working. Our internal clock produces that sleepy feeling as part of the natural day and night cycle. Daylight wakes us and keeps us awake. When the evening falls, our bodies prepare for sleep. When the outside temperature is at its lowest, human energy also reaches its lowest point, the moment of deep sleep. This is how our biological clock has been programmed since primeval times. Nevertheless, staying alert and energetic during a night shift is possible if we adjust the internal clock with Propeaq light glasses. You do not have to use the entire shift, you can use it on a break: 30 minutes with activated blue light is enough to stave off the dip. It works like this: the blue light acts like an extra sunrise for your senses. Your body reacts by stopping the production of the sleep hormone melatonin and correctly increasing the production of the action hormone cortisol. You can then maintain your energy levels, if you use the blue light before you feel the dip.

When coming home tired from a night shift, you can give your body another energy boost before the sun rises. Of course, that is not always the intention. That’s why the Propeaq light glasses have another advantage: change the light blue lenses for the included red ones. Wear them for half an hour while you relax in your own environment. The red glasses block all the natural and artificial blue light from your surroundings and stimulate the production of melatonin, which makes us drowsy and helps us sleep.


A pair of lightweight glasses Interchangeable lenses, red and blue

A protective case

Micro USB cable and charger 



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